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5K Race Day, What Fun!!!

Thank you to everyone who came out to make our first Babies on the Run 5K a fun experience!  It was misty, but it didn’t rain, and best of all, it was a nice cool down!!

We can’t talk about our 5K race without saying thank you to Dungeon Orthodontics, Novant, The Running Store, Bach2Rock, The Nomis Group International and Lifeview Media.  Additional thank you to a few of our vendors including Blessings, Thirty One, and Bach2Rock for providing wonderful music for our race!

Click on the gallery link to view additional photos of the race.



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She did it! Dream Fulfilled

As children, we’ve all had dreams of people we’ve wanted to be or careers we’d hoped to have as adults. However, on the road to adulthood, many people who don’t fulfill their dreams often forget them or became sidetracked along the way. Recently, one of our mom’s experienced the reality of a lifelong dream.

Mimi shared that she’d dream of having fancy hairstyles, polished nails, wearing stylish outfits and being photographed for magazines. Though she doesn’t like wearing too much makeup, she had hoped to one day to live out her dream. Unfortunately, Mimi gave up on becoming a model about four years ago. She felt like age and time had worked against her and thought that she was too old to be a model. She concluded that it was time to do something different with her life and she closed the door on her dream.

Initially, our staff wasn’t aware of this longing until a local women’s group shared that they were planning to host a fashion show to benefit Carried To Full Term, that Mimi showed a slight interest. Most of our moms are very shy and immediately said no in response to participating as models. The thought of being the focus of attention in front of a large group made most of the moms very nervous. Mimi, who is also shy, was the only one who expressed an interest in the idea. She was hesitant to participate, but we encouraged her to try, and she did.

A few hours ago, we sat down with Mimi to learn about her experience as a model in the fashion show. She shared that initially, she was very nervous and excited, at the same time. She said it had a nice feeling to it, flashing a great big smile as she recalled the experience. She said she felt confident.
When asked if she’d do it again? She immediately said yes, with a big smile. Mimi has been bitten by the model bug. She said she is open to exploring other model opportunities.

Mimi also hopes to open an Ethiopian Restaurant one day.

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Choosing Life

Mother’s day is almost here! This will be a first, for some of the mother’s who come to Carried To Full Term from unspeakable challenges and yet, they remain hopeful. They desire a better future for themselves and their babies. A large percentage of our mothers have little to no knowledge of parenting. Several were abandoned at an early age and yet, they’ve chosen life and they each, have a strong desire to parent.

They don’t want to parent for the sake of parenting, they have a desire to be great at it. It’s an awe-inspiring experience to witness their tenacity and commitment to motherhood.

Six weeks ago, one of our mothers gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Her baby girl was born with some health complications that have kept her in the NICU since birth. Mom has been in the hospital since delivery patiently awaiting a clean bill for her daughter. Mom knows the doctors are doing all they can to get her baby to better health. However, there are days when she longs to take her daughter home where she can relax, bond, and plan for their futures together.

Carried To Full Term, is a home, to all our families. After a mother is admitted, we immediately partner with her, to teach her, mentor her, and to love and affirm her. Recently, one of our babies celebrated her first birthday. Carried To Full Term is the only home she has ever known. She is loved and she knows it! She loves her mom dearly. She also loves all the other people in her life whom she probably views as family. Because of you, her first year of life has been filled with love, safety, and stability.

We have been able to assist our moms in exploring new paths as a result of the hard work of our incredible staff, committed volunteers and generous partners. One that is filled with hope, love and a brighter future. We honor you for actively supporting our mission and the families who call Carried To Full Term home.

If you haven’t signed up to become a monthly partner, click on the secure link to sign up.

As excited as many of us are about Mother’s Day, we are aware that it is a difficult reminder to many families of an unmet desire. To our friends and families who each year are reminded of not being able to celebrate motherhood/parenthood, we stand with you. We pray for you and we love you!

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Featured Charity!!

Every year in May, Keller Williams Realty hosts an international give back to your community day called Red Day. Every Keller Williams office around the world on the 2nd, Thursday in May basically runs a skeleton office and all agents, staff, owners, and brokers serve as volunteers in and around the community. This year, Cathy Strittmater, Keller Williams Realty Team voted to support three local charities located in Haymarket: Carried To Full Term, Serve Our Willing Warriors and Payton’s Project.

We were so honored to be selected as one of the local charities! A big thank you to Cathy Strittmater, Real Estate, the Keller Williams Team, and 2 Silos Brewing for a chance to share our mission at this year’s wonderful event!