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Meeting Milestones

When you think of spring, you may think renewal, or cleaning or time change.  Either way, the season is definitely a change.  At Carried to Full Term our residents are champions of change and how we grow, learn and gain strength through it.

When we caught up with you last month, one of our residents was steadily working at her job at Chick Fil-A and beginning driving lessons.  Since then, she has started working at a nearby school as a teacher’s assistant.  She is looking for other employment opportunities when the school year ends this June.  With that, she would need some assistance with resume writing.  If anyone has any particular talents in this area and would like to help out, please contact our office.  This same resident had completed much of her university studies in her native country.  We are currently trying to figure out the credential values through the World Education Services.  Previously studying civil engineering, her new goal is to pursue studies and a career in computer science.

Our other resident is celebrating a new volunteering opportunity at the nursery in a local church.  She’s absolutely thrilled to be sharing her “baby whispering” talents in this position. As a matter of fact, one of the other nursery volunteers claimed one of the babies that come in regularly can be inconsolable, but one meeting with this resident and the baby was easily calmed and eventually fell asleep!  While still providing part-time babysitting services for her fellow resident, this mom recently started a part-time job at Next Level Fitness and Performance.  To top off her recent accomplishments, she opened her own bank account with the monies she’s earned so far.  Congratulations!

This same mother is trying to work on the passport logistics which will enable to her to continue to live and work in and for our community.  If we could please ask you to lift her in prayer to work through this challenging hurdle, thank you.

As for our littlest residents in the house… both are doing well, are healthy, and growing quickly!  Our eldest is approaching her 1st birthday and is pulling herself up on her feet and moving towards stability.  She will have a birthday party in the house very soon to celebrate all her milestones!  One of our wonderful sponsors, Mamaratzy Photography, captured this momentous time with an absolutely gorgeous photo shoot!

The other little one is — much to mother’s delight — is sleeping through the night.  We think all the ambitious crawling during the day probably helps a little.

Among some of the schedule changes will be residential classes.  Financial classes are coming to a close next month and residents will then be informed enough to move on to their financial goals:  saving, budgeting and earning.  A new exciting Bible Study will begin soon as well — Broken No More.  In 12 Weeks, they will be lead through a powerful spiritual journey that will serve them well through all their life’s changes.  Finally, with our partner, Prince William County Community Service Board, all mothers have a chance to participate in a seminar that works on phonetic communication with their babies, specifically how to stimulate communication and learning in their child’s development.

We thank you for helping, supporting and praying for these families at Carried to Full Term!

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